The next section allows to move directly from our program to the store's page (front-end) or to the store's Admin panel (back-end) with just a mouse click.

There are two links in Store Manager by default - named Shopping Cart (direct link to your store's front-end) and Shopping Cart Admin Area - the URL path, following which you can get to your Admin Panel. 

Links section

But you can create your own links by using the context menu. To call it move the mouse pointer over this section and right-click.  The context menu which appears helps you create new, edit existing and add the link to the Favorites

Context menu

Please note, you can not remove default links, but only the ones you created manually. 

Context menu with possibility to delete

In the edit form fill the fields with necessary data. To save your entries press 'OK' button.

Edit form

The default link marked with the following symbol -  Default link and the newly created -  Created link symbol . 

Specify as many links as you need. If you have multiple stores you can  create links to front-ends and back-ends of all of your stores. 

When you connected to the one of your store you can move to the online product page or admin area of your other ones by clicking on the available Links in the corresponding section of Store Manager.

Links list