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3. Advanced Preferences

fmPreferences - Advanced Preferences

Here you can find some advanced settings that helps you to work with Store Manager. Open Tools -> Preferences in order to find this tab.

Also the following sections are available here:

Advanced Preferences options description see below.

Advanced section

Advanced Settings allows you to:
  • enable/disable quick editor in grids
  • show or hide banner
  • enable/disable WYSIWYG HTML editors
  • enable/disable strike out products with quantity 0 and below
  • show or hide Minimize Store Manager to tray icon
  • specify your own reports directory
  • add your company logo file
  • specify store URL. It can be the same as database host, in case it is different, you can specify it here.This URL is used to go to product page using products context menu.
  • ignore character restrictions (such as <>, #, {} ans others) - if you check the option - these symbols will be ignored (see image above).

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