2. Combinations. Add or Edit Product Combination

fmCombinationEdit - Edit Combination.
This section shows you how to Add or Edit Attribute Combination

Firstly, create the combination using Product Combinations Generator tool.

Press 'Product Combinations Generator' button and choose corresponding attributes for selected product(s).

For example, for chosen product - 'Evening dress' - is expedient to select such attributes as size and color.

In column 'Price impact' you can assign the price for each attribute individually and in the field 'Quantity' specify the total number of each product's attribute.

If you click on the 'Generate' button, you will see the message, which warns that selected product will be overwritten with newly created combinations.

When you click 'Yes' the list of available attributes will appear in 'Combinations' section with specified price and quantity

Select the combination and press Edit Combination button.

In the window Edit Combination you may specify the following:
  • Reference - product identifier
  • Supplier reference - product identifier provided by supplier
  • Wholesale price; Impact on price, on weight; Eco-tax; Quantity; Minimum quantity
  • EAN; UPC - product bar code
  • Location - product location
  • Quantity; minimum quantity - minimum number of product combinations and available quantity of selected attribute.
Edit combination form

You may Assign the Attribute selecting either from the Attribute tree or from the Attribute menu

Select the images for the Images menu and easily assign them to the selected Attributes

Press 'OK button' to apply changes.

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