2. Connect via Bridge Connector Module


To connect to Cloud-based store, use ‘Bridge Connector Module’. Check installation instructions of Bridge Connector Module below.

After the module has been installed and configured in the Back-End office you can proceed with the Connection Wizard steps in Store Manager.

This section covers the following units:

If you have already account at the PrestaShop marketplace you can upload and install bridge connector automatically from the PrestaShop addons page directly . 

Follow these steps to get the Bridge Connector installed in a few clicks:

Module Uploading and Installation

Upload and Install Bridge Connector through Prestashop Addons Page ( Automated method )

1. Go to the Prestashop Addons Marketplace Store and specify required Module name in the Searcher line above. You will get the results in the next window:

Search module in the Prestashop Cloud store

2 . After pressing it, you can see the Bridge Connector in the Modules list . The free icon helps to move to the addons page of Prestashop marketplace .

3. On this step, if you have already signed up to your Prestashop account you will be asked to fill some specific fields to confirm your person :

Confirmation your contact details

Otherwise,  to be able to move to the addons page of Prestashop and install the module, you should specify your account details if you have account in the Prestashop.com  or create new account by 

filling the form for  registration:

Register to module download

Click on the button 'Register to Download' to proceed.

4. You will see the message which requires some personal data to confirm registration and enable option to module downloading:

Registration form

Fill the form and press 'Validate' at the bottom to be able to proceed with the installation. 

5. To launch the downloading press the appropriate button :

Download module button

6. If you manage multiple cloud-shops,necessary choose the store which you want to upload and install Bridge Connector in . You will get the notification box with the available cloud stores list  :

Choose webstore to Cloud installation

This list depends on stores number you have under your control. After making the choice, installation process starts. You will see the  notification about module successful installation. 

7. Now you can go back to the Admin Panel 

Back-Office of the Cloud Store

and check the module status :

Configure option

In the settings page among the other settings configuration fields take into account on the access credentials - there have the default values as '1' .

Configure module section


We strongly recommended replacing (changing) default username and password on your own because of security reasons!! 

Find in the Settings of Bridge Store Manager Connector the necessary fields and specify your own values instead of the default ones (the default password and login are '1' ). 

Do not forget to press option to save. 

Change default bridge credentials

To keep your entries do not forget to click on the 'Save' button below.

Now the installation is completed.

Follow the next step-by-step instruction if you want to keep under your own control the process of module uploading and installation.

An alternative way to upload and install Bridge Connector . Manual method

Upload Bridge Connector Module in the FTP server

To connect your Prestashop Cloud store with the Store Manager for Prestashop you should install and configure the Bridge Connector Module in your Admin Panel.

1. Follow this link to download zipped file with the Module installation on your computer firstly:


Unzip it after downloading.

2. Move to Prestashop official site www.prestashop.com and login to your PrestaShop account.

Prestashop account

3. When you signed in, click on the 'Manage Store' button to access to your store configuration.

Manage my store button

For example, we have some Cloud store and  to be able to check its configuration details we should click on  the appropriate option, which we can see the screenshot below:

Store-details option

4. The next step is FTP credentials specifying. Press “Add new FTP user” button to access the form for new user account creation

Add new FTP User

Provide FTP details in the form

FTP user credentials

The main fields are:

- username - the first part is generated by the system automatically and the second one you can specify on your own ;

- password  - indicate the unique set of symbols and numbers .

Remember these details as you should use them at the following installation step.

Do not forget to press "Save" button to apply for your entries.

5. Follow through the authorization step and specify your account password for identification.

Authorization step

6. You will see the setting details form, although the status of newly-created FTP user is not activated yet.

Status in Progress

Wait till the status changes from ‘In progress’ to ‘Active’.

Status activated

7. Launch  any FTP client to connect to your FTP server (for example,  FileZilla).

8. Specify the FTP credentials, you have received before, to connect to FTP server.

9. Find the 'Modules' folder among the other directories on your server.

Modules in the FTP

10. Choose the local folder, unzipped bridge connector file has been placed to and transfer it to Modules directory on FTP

The bridge connector - is a communication link between your Store Cloud and Admin panel.

Bridge connector in Modules FTP directory

Now you can configure the connection with your store.

Install Bridge Connector Module in Admin Panel

1. Move to your Back-office from Prestashop.com account page and login to your Admin Panel.

Back-office option

2. Select the 'Modules and Services' sector in the menu. Type  “bridge connector” title in the search ribbon to quickly reach the addon.

3. Hit “Install”  button

Bridge Connector install button

and change default credentials of bridge connection for security reason.

Change default bridge connector

Do not forget to press 'Save' option at the bottom to keep your entries.

4. The bridge connector module is successfully installed in your back-office.

Connect the store with Store Manager via Bridge Connector module

To be able to connect with your store, also based on Cloud Prestashop platform, adhere to the following actions:

1. Open the Preferences of Store Manager -> Database Connection section. 

2. Check the 'Bridge Connector' selection from a list and specify your online store address, login and password ( use the same settings details, which are specified in the configuration area of Bridge

Connector module (see the previous paragraph).

'Test Connection' button helps verify the correctness of specified settings data and configure connection.

Connection Wizard for Cloud-Based Store

In case you should configure connection to your Store automatically - press 'Connection Wizard' button.

Bridge Connector Wizard

1. Choose the appropriate action to proceed with the configuration:

Connect to Cloud-Based Store

2. Specify the setting details on the next step :

Cloud settings page in the Wizard

Use Bridge Connector Module's settings credentials to fill the appropriate fields and setup connection with your store. 

Please note, these data can be different then the login and password of your admin database access details.

To verify the correctness of the specified settings details, press the test button. You should get the following message:

Test cloud Conenction

'Next' button leads to the final result step of configuration process.

finish step of Wizard

You can press 'Finish' to close the wizard and connect to your store now.

If you have additional questions concerning connection with the Cloud store via Store Manager, please contact us and we will gladly assist you!